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Extraordinary Stage Experience !

8 pm
(special Reduced-Price Preview January 22)

The Helmerich Theatre
The Studios of Key West
533 Eaton Street, Key West

Starring Bob Bowersox and Melody G. Moore
Directed by Carole MacCartee

The smash hit by Halley Feiffer that broke all box office records
in its debut at the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York!

"Bone-chilling....punishing drama." -- The New York Times

"...blisteringly, blackly funny and creepy..."  -- New York Daily News

"...viciously funny...brilliantly effective..."  -- Time Out New York

"...exhilaratingly toxic...spectacular tension and real danger..."  -- Entertainment Weekly

"...provocative, sensitive, shocking and often very unsettling...a tense thriller..."
-- New York Observer

A fierce play that takes a funny, hard look the relationship between
a Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright and his actress daughter, and
how the sins of the parent can often be passed on to the child
with unintended consequences. On  the night of her Broadway debut, they await the critics reviews in his apartment. As the night wears on and the wine flows liberally, things begin to disintegrate in unexpected ways.

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