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Our 7th Season!

July 5-23, 2017



by Dale Wasserman
Based on the novel by Ken Kesey


Justin Ahern, Melody G. Moore, Arthur Crocker, Jeremy Hyatt,
Mathias Maloff, Bob Bowersox, Tony Konrath, Lisa Elena Monda,
Erica Lee Bigelow, Ross Pipkin, Tom Murtha

Directed by Patrick New

And here's the kicker:

In 1958, when CUCKOO'S NEST first hit Broadway

with Kirk Douglas as McMurphy and Gene Wilder

as Billy Bibbit, orchestra seats cost a whopping $5!!

So this year, we're taking you back to 1958 --

thanks to our generous underwriters,

all reserved seats will be $5 for our entire run!!

For more information,

call 302-540-6102

(All calls secure and guaranteed by arrangement with eProcessing
and First State Bank of the Florida Keys) 

Have your credit card ready.